M00020 MOREZMORE HPA-M3 SUPERFLEX Humanly Posable Armature STARTER Puppet Kit

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Northern wing of the estate.
A stone-paved path leads to Morezmore Studio.
Inside you find:

Humanly Posable Armature
for an articulated doll or stop motion puppet
Includes Hardware and Tools

Humanly Posable Armature General Info and Instructions

For successful completion of your armature, you will need these tools (see the photo just below). THIS KIT INCLUDES THESE TOOLS.

But you might have these tools already.
If you have them, please consider HPA-M3 STANDARD Hardware Only Kit (M00862), which includes only the hardware.

You can also purchase all tools and additional hardware parts SEPARATELY

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What is included:
38 pieces joint compression plates (M00688, M00688x4)
1 piece M3 hip connector (M00840, M00840x5)
1 pieces M3 chest bar connectors (M01161, M01161x5)
3 pieces M3 foot pads, 2 for feet, 1 for back rig port (M01560, M01560x5)
35 pieces M3x6mm threaded balls (full thread) (M00826, M00826x5)
16 pieces M3x16mm threaded rods (M00668, M00668x5)
5 pieces M3x40mm threaded rods (M00679, M00679x5)
3 pieces M3x30mm threaded rods (M00674, M00674x5)
5 pieces M2x6mm threaded balls (full thread) (M00753, M00753x5)
5 pieces M2x16mm threaded rods (M01078, M01078x5)
19 pieces M2x10mm button hex screws (M01281, M01281x5)
4 pieces M2x10mm brass connectors (M00133, M00133x5)
13 pieces M2x5mm brass connectors (M00621, M00621x5)
2 pieces M2x20mm brass connector (M00728, M00728x5)
5 pieces 5/32 inch x30mm square brass tubes (M01369, M01369x5, M00217)
3 pieces 1/8 inch x30mm square brass tubes (M01367, M01367x5, M00217)
2 pieces 1/8 inch x15mm square brass tubes (M00774, M00774x5)
3 pieces M3 T-nuts (M00357, M00357x5)
2 pieces M3 wing nuts (M00765, M00765x5)
36 inch piece of 1mm annealed aluminum wire (M01026)
1 piece of allen hex key for assembly, (M00956, M01182)
1 oz of Instamorph moldable thermoplastic (M00028, M00411, M001230)
2 pieces of clear plastic 10-compartment boxes to hold the small parts (M01569)

Includes Must Have Tools: (things you buy once).
2 pieces long nose pliers to tighten screws (M01046)
1 pack of JB Cold Weld Steel Reinforced Epoxy thread lock (M01322)

All parts, tools and materials can be purchased SEPARATELY.