M00119 MOREZMORE Adjustable Rotating Doll Sculpting Lock-It Armature Stand

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Northern wing of the estate.
A stone-paved path leads to Morezmore Studio.
Inside you find:

a Sculpting Armature Stand
"Screw-It Lock-It Hold-It"
BASE: OVAL 9" x 12"

for holding the wire armature vertically
or at any angle hands-free while you are
sculpting a doll or an action figure
from Polymer Clay, Air-Dry Clay, Paperclay, etc.

Suitable for 1:12, 1:8, 1:6 scale up to 22" (55 cm)

Screw-It Lock-It Hold-It Armature Stand Information and Instructions

This listing is for stand ONLY, armature is NOT included.

What do I mean by Screw-It Lock-It Hold-It

Once you make the wire armature (see instructions below), you will be able to screw it on the horizontal arm (Screw-It).

The nut is secured with the wire into the lower back of the armature and is self-locking (Lock-It).

Once the armature is screwed all the way onto the horizontal arm, the nut locks it and holds in place, while you sculpt (Hold-It).

You can screw it and unscrew it as many times as you need for sculpting, baking etc.

Once you complete your sculpture, unscrew the arm from the doll and cover the small hole (about 4 mm diameter) with a ball of clay.

- Sturdy simple steel + wood construction
- Adjustable arm height, will work for 1:12, 1:8, 1:6 scales (up to 20" tall sculpts)
- Rotating oval wooden 9" x 12" base (Lazy Susan style)
- Easy 2-step assembly - no tools required.
- Soft felt feet - will not scratch your sculpting table

- Complete Stand (Armature NOT included, see instructions below)
- 2 Lock-It nuts (thread 8-32)
In other words, what you see in these 6 pictures below:

- Wire armature (the skeleton itself). Please see instructions below.
- Small wooden plaque under armature feet is sold separately.

The thread on the horizontal arm is 8-32. You can use any nut or nut plate that you can attach with the wire. I tried hex nut, barbed nut, t-nut and wing nut, they are hard to attach and wobbly. Then I found this self-locking nut with two holes and also "channels" for wire. It is the best I found because it can be threaded with the wire and tied to the armature very securely.

Here is the link to the Step-by-Step instructions on
How to make your own "Screw-It Lock-It Hold-It" Armature (1:12, 1:8, 1:6 scale)like this one:

The stand will be shipped flat.
Here are the two-step process of putting it together after you receive it:
1. Insert the vertical rod into the threaded hole in the base (don't forget to put the provided large washer between the base and the wing nut).
2. Tighten the wing nut (on top of the base), this will secure the rod in the T-nut (which is inside the base).