M00148 MOREZMORE Precision Oven Liquid Thermometer Polymer Clay Baking

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Northern wing of the estate.
A stone-paved path leads to Morezmore Studio.
Inside you find:

Professional Accuracy Oven Test Liquid Thermometer
Are you using your kitchen oven for baking Polymer clay?
Are results somewhat unpredictable?

This thermometer will finally help you get it right.Bake your art at the precise temperature
No More Crumbling, No More Burning
Precision Thermometer Specs:

Stainless steel housing
±1 degree accuracy
Folds away for easy storage
4.5" high, 4 oz shipping weight
100 degree to 600 degree F (37.7 degree C to 315.5 degree C) scale

Have you ever wondered what the actual temperature in your oven is when you bake your OOAK? I know I have...

I hope you don't go by the built-in oven dial, which is notorious for being inaccurate. Some household ovens produce temp spikes and it is good to know if your oven is prone to that. An oven thermometer is a must to figure it out. An oven thermometer can be obtained from a grocery store or a gourmet food store. Metal spring thermometers are most common, inexpensive and are ok to use, provided it is not your grandma'sand it was not dropped on the floor or something like thatwhich affects the precision of the readings.A spring-style thermometer can become unreliable after a small bump (for example, it was dropped on the floor and put back on the shelf before you bought it) or even with continual use. Liquid oven thermometers are more accurate and reliable and are usedin testing ovens in commercialkitchens, restaurants and generally in food industry. In addition, liquid thermometer responds quicker to the temperature change and will register a spike in the temperature better than a metal spring thermometer.

I did a bit of research and bought one to try. Loved it, definitely a keeper. Went ahead and got a large order and will be carrying it at Morezmore from now on.
Incidentally, my little old metal oven thermometer (purchased in grocery store for 5.99) was not too bad off, but it was much slower in registering the temperature changes. It sure feels good to know EXACTLY what the temperature is at any given moment.