M00661 MOREZMORE Try Cernit 2 oz BISCUIT Professional Doll Baby Polymer Clay

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Northern wing of the estate.
A stone-paved path leads to Morezmore Studio.
Inside you find:

60 gr (2 oz) of Cernit Polymer Clay

There are 7 colors of Cernit specially formulated for dolls, we have 5 most popular:

Cernit is a popular modeling clay that is easy to work, right out of the package. No other polymer clay will give you the translucence you get with Cernit and its high tensile strength allows you to work with the thinnest imaginable pieces.

Cernit is one of the strongest clays. (It was once considered the strongest, but Kato Polyclay may now have out-performed it.) Though easily conditioned, it is also very flexible when cured.

Finished projects have a warmth and realism impossible to achieve with other clays. Cernit is a popular clay among doll-makers because of its strength, translucent quality and the porcelain-like finish it has after curing.

Cernit heat-sets in your oven in only 15-30 minutes at 215-270 degrees Fahrenheit (102-132 degrees Celsius).

When hard it can be sanded, carved or filed. It can also be added to, even after baking, provided it has not been painted or varnished.

If stored in a cool area, unused, Cernit will remain workable for more than a year, even out of the package.