M01013 MOREZMORE Jeweler's Hand Vise Adjustable Vice With Wooden Handle GS 1633

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Northern wing of the estate.
A stone-paved path leads to Morezmore Studio.
Inside you find:

an adjustable hand vise.

The Adjustable Hand Vise has a rotating hardwood wood handle that gives you a secure and no-slip grip on your piece. To tighten, you simply rotate the handle, and you reverse rotation to loosen. The jaws are made from hardened steel for durability and the handle is wood for a comfortable grip.

The jaws are approximately 15mm (0.590 inch) wide and 6mm (0.23) thick. They open to a maximum of 6mm (0.23). What makes this jewelry vise grip indispensable, is that the jaws feature one long horizontal groove and a series of 5 vertical grooves. These different groves are useful in holding small items very well.

Use this versatile hand vise to hold small items securely while polishing, drilling, filing and more. The overall length of the vise is approximately 5-1/2 inches.