M01060 MOREZMORE Eyes Mix 12mm 14mm 16mm 18mm Glass Bead Puppet Eyeballs

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Northern wing of the estate.
A stone-paved path leads to Morezmore Studio.
Inside you find:

8 High Gloss Polished Porcelain Beads
for making eyes in polymer clay dolls

8 beads (4 pairs)

1 pair of 12 mm
1 pair of 14 mm1 pair of 16 mm1 pair of 18 mm
Material - Polished Porcelain,
very smooth glass-like surface
Hole is about 1.5 mm
(use it a pupil or turn around to hide it under the lid)

How to:

1. Press balls into a piece of scrap clay so that they stay put and do not roll.

2. Draw eye irises with a porcelain marker.
Wait a few minutes and draw pupils with a black porcelain marker.

For added protection, although it is not really necessary, you can bake Pebeo Marker Paint for 35 minutes at 300 degrees Fahrenheit (150 degrees Celsius). Add a layer of clear lacquer (optional) at the very end - after all baking is done.

Forceps make handling small balls easier.