M01097 MOREZMORE Great Neck SC3C Scratch Awl General Heavy Duty Punching Tool

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Northern wing of the estate.
A stone-paved path leads to Morezmore Studio.
Inside you find:

Great Neck
3" Scratch Awl
Shock Resistant Plastic Handle
Blade 3-1/4" long x 1/4" thick
Drop forged steel blade goes through handle

I use it to straighten out tube ends.

Manufacturer's info:

3" length
Quality Acetate Handle
Chrome Plated to Resist Rust
Chrome Vanadium Steel for Strength and Durability
The GreatNeck 3 Inch Scratch Awl is perfect for making quick precision marks on wood projects. The awl is made with chrome vanadium steel and is set in a quality acetate handle for maximum comfort and control.