M01502 MOREZMORE General's Multi Pastel Compressed Chalk Sticks 4 Pk Grey Tones

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Northern wing of the estate.
A stone-paved path leads to Morezmore Studio.
Inside you find:

General's Multi-Pastel Compressed Chalk Sticks
Grey Tones

"Art Chalks and pastels have been grabbing the imagination of quite a few polymer clayers in recent years. Their matte, subdued colors can add a subtle texture and softness that is not found in other common surface colorants like mica powders and alcohol inks. This can be of particular use to sculptors and those working in translucent clays, since chalk pastels can be easily added for just a blush of color where needed. The best use of this approach that I know of has to be the way Jodi Creager adds color to the skin tones of the amazing art dolls she creates with her husband Richard Creager.

The blush effect can add dimension to an expanse of color that you feel appears too flat, or exaggerate the shadows of a form. It's an option for subtlety that would be difficult to achieve with most other media." (from the article "Blushing Pastelsin Inspirational Art Blog)

Sticks measure 0.25" by 0.25" by 2.75" (7 mm x 7 mm x 70 mm).

These artist-quality, pigment-rich chalk pastels areeasily blended with an eraser/blender, tortillion, chamois, a kneaded eraser, or your fingers.

Breakage in the package may occur and does not reduce usefulness.