M00035x5 MOREZMORE Fabri-tac 5 Bottles Beacon Fabric Permanent Glue Fabri Tac Fabritac 2oz

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Northern wing of the estate.
A stone-paved path leads to Morezmore Studio.
Inside you find:

5 bottles of Fabri-Tac glue
Each 2 oz
by Beacon Adhesives
A true working horse of a glue at Morezmore

Note: This glue expands on the plane due to the changes of the atmospheric pressure. If the bottle is full to the brim, as some of them are, small amount of the glue sips out from under the cap. We cannot help it.
If you feel it will be a problem for you, please do not buy.

A permanent adhesive, crystal clear gel, that is washable. Very useful. Every Morezmore doll on the pictures below was wigged, dressed and accessorized with the help of this working horse of a glue.

- Great for attaching hair, fabric, leather, beads, microbeads, feathers, sequins, cords

- Permanent, fast grab, quick drying, crystal clear, and washable

- Dries clear, strong and flexible.

- Delicate enough for attaching pearls and lace yet, like a "glue gun in a bottle"

- Bonds fabric, hair, wool, wood, leather, lace, suede, tile, felt, pearls, gems (except for those with a silver coating on back) plaster, glass, trims, canvas, ribbons, hats, much more

- Won't stain or soak into fabrics (might show on light colored fabric if applied too heavily)

- Perfect for hems, seams and other clothing repairs

- Prevents fraying and maintains its strength through countless washings

- Ideal for creating dolls, pillows, stuffed animals, wreaths, dried floral arrangements, picture frames, ornaments, gift and jewelry boxes, lampshades, upholstery, drapes, handbags, shoes, bridal headpieces, party favors, and many other projects

- Great for general household and yard projects and repairs

- Easier to use than a glue gun . . .no heat, mess or inconvenience