M00130 MOREZMORE 1 Refill Tip for Fine Point Rubber Polymer Clay Tool

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Northern wing of the estate.
A stone-paved path leads to Morezmore Studio.
Inside you find:

1 Replacement Rubber tip for
a Fine Point Rubber Sculpting Clay Tool

This listing includes:

1 Spare Refill Tip only, handle is available in other listings (M00129, M00221)


This is indeed one of the best kept OOAK sculpting secret tools- you will love this unexpected find!

The tool's neck is bent, so you need to straighten it out - it is more convenient this way.

The flexible yet strong needle-sharp fine point of this tool and smooth surface non-porous fine-grade dental quality rubber is wonderful on polymer clay.Inexpensive and durable, with a strong metal handle and Replaceable Tips, it will serve you well.

Suggested uses:

- make those cute mouth corners - press in the corners of the mouth
- cut delicate lids - will not drag and tear clay
- sculpt wrinkles
- make comma-shaped realistic nostrils
- sculpt all nooks and crannies in the ears - define a perfect belly button
- sculpt skin folds, armpits and cleavage and buttocks
- trace hand and foot creases
- gently separate fingers and toes
- make indentations between fingers and palm
- sculpt nail beds
- also good for, ahm..., anatomical correctness
- pick up a piece of fiber without doing major excavation on the face
- angled neck for precision (or you can straighten it - I straightened mine)
- sturdy fine rubber point- strong metal handle-smooth non-porous dental quality rubber- Don't forget your Replaceable Tips!