M00301 MOREZMORE Angelina Fantasy Film WATERMELON PINK Heat Bondable 50'

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Northern wing of the estate.
A stone-paved path leads to Morezmore Studio.
Inside you find:

a package of Angelina
Fusible Heat Bondable
Fantasy Film
for making wings and fins
for OOAK fairies, mermaids and babies
50 foot (1525 cm) long
4" (10 cm) wide
If angelina film gets crinkled, you can iron it with a household iron on the lowest setting, between 2 sheets of paper.


Fusible Angelina Film.
Bonding temperature is about 225 degrees F.
Color shift will occur and may vary.
For predictability use consistent heat, pressure and dwell time.
Place the material to be bonded between two sheets of tissue paper.
Heat iron to silk temperature. Irons vary, experiment with yours.
Gently, with little pressure, move the iron back and forth, checking frequently on the bonding process. Be careful not to "fry" the material with too much heat, pressure or dwell time.
Generally, fusible Anglelina will only adhere to itself and not to other fibers, tissue paper or fabrics.
Do not allow a hot iron to directly contact the material, it will stick.

Quick and easy tutorial on how to make angelina wings