M00803 MOREZMORE 1 Felting Needle 38G MEDIUM FORK for Rooting Dry Felting

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Northern wing of the estate.
A stone-paved path leads to Morezmore Studio.
Inside you find:

1 Needle for dry needle felting

Type Fork
Size 38G

Available in 1, 5 and 50 packs

Quick Guide to Felting Needles:

The higher the gauge number, the finer is the needle and the smaller are the barbs.
The greater the number of barbs the quicker the needle will felt, will less accuracy.
The fewer the barbs a needle has, the greater the accuracy of the needle and the slower the process.
Most common gauges (from coarse to fine): 32G, 36G, 38G, 40G, 42G, 46G

Felting Needle Types:
- Triangular (triangle in cross section) - regular, garden variety type
- Star (diamond star in cross section) - more sides, more barbes, faster and more efficient felting
- Inverted (reversed) - the barbs pull the wool instead of pushing, creating a fluffy fur look.
- Spiral (triangular or star) - the barbs twist wool around the end, making felting quicker with a neater finish with less surface holes.
- Crown - the barbs are only at the point, for the finest detail work.
- Fork - does not have barbs, instead it has a fork at the end and the hairs are caught in the middle of the fork then pushed into the doll's head, for example.


- Needles are sharp. Avoid poking your fingers as it will be painful. Keep away from children and pets.
- Needles are brittle. Use the needle in a straight in - straight out motion. Avoid bending, twisting, forcing, wiggling and getting it stuck. Keep in a storage case.
- Needles are confusing. Keep them in a well-marked storage bags/containers.
- Needle are steel. Add a few grains of rice to the storage to avoid rusting. Or fill a jar with rice and stick them there. Or make a rice-filled pin cushion.