M00888-4 MOREZMORE NOVOCS MATTE Agent Silicone Solvent Painting Thinner Finish 3.7oz

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Northern wing of the estate.
A stone-paved path leads to Morezmore Studio.
Inside you find:

NOVOCS Silicone Solvent
3.7 oz (104 g)

Can be used for getting rid of shiny plasticky surface on silicone: With a brush, apply very small amount on the silicone surface, the liquid will evaporate fast, leaving white powder. Continue brushing off the powder with the same brush, revealing nice matte surface.

NOVOCS solvent is low viscosity silicone solvent that evaporate quickly. NOVOCS is particulary useful in thinning down Psycho Paint silicone paint base to apply via brush or airbrush to cured platinum silicone rubber props and prosthetics. When used as a solvent for thinning silicone paints or surface coatings, NOVOCS Matte will leave a matte finish.


Important: Shake NOVOCS Container Well Before Using.
Materials should be stored and used in a warm environment (73 degree F / 23 degree C). This material has a limited shelf life and should be used as soon as possible. Wear safety glasses, long sleeves and rubber gloves to minimize contamination risk.
Mix the A and B components of two component silicone sytems before adding NOVOCS . Add the desired proportion of NOVOCS solvent to create a thinner silicone mixture which can be brushed or airbrushed onto the surface of a cured silicone casting.
Example Recommended Ratios For Use:

  • When adding to Psycho Paint, add between 200%-400% NOVOCS solvent by weight
  • When adding to Sil-Poxy, add between 300%-500% NOVOCS solvent by weight

Because no two applications are quite the same, a small test application to determine suitability for your project is recommended if performance of this material is in question.