M01115 MOREZMORE 1 oz 100% Pure Raw Filtered Beeswax

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Northern wing of the estate.
A stone-paved path leads to Morezmore Studio.
Inside you find:

1 oz Bar of 100% Pure Raw Filtered Beeswax

No Additives, completely chemical-free.

Color may vary depending on the season

Size: 2 3/4"' X 1/2"

Comes from a beekeepers small business in USA, Florida.

Uses of Beeswax

Dipped candles
Molded candles
beeswax foundation (used by beekeepers in the beehive)
Beard wax
Grafting wax
Carving objects
Lost-wax process
Batik-dyeing process
Etching glass
Ukrainian egg designing
Tack cloth
Wood filler
Nail/screw lubricant
Brick floor sealer
Moisturizing cream
Soap making
Fruit coating
Dental procedures
Baking-sheet coating
Embalming procedures
Leather waterproofing
Thread and fishing line coating
Reconstruction surgery procedures
Sealing on jams and jellies
Coatings for war-weapons, shells and tools
Lubricants: zippers, windows, drawer slides

BEESWAX FORMULAS from the manufacturer


2-½ oz (weight) beeswax
4 ounces (weight) anhydrous lanolin
2/3 cup baby oil
1-teaspoon borax (sodium borate, C.P.)
Fragrant essential oil (optional)

Borax is sold with laundry detergents, but chemically pure borax, which is required for cosmetics, is sold by drug stores and chemical laboratories. Lanolin is sold by drug stores.
In a microwave or double boiler, melt the oil, lanolin and beeswax to 160 degrees F. Heat the borax and water in a separate container to 160 degrees F. Be sure the borax is dissolved and the wax is melted. Add the water mixture to the oil mixture while stirring briskly. When white cream forms, stir slowly until the mixture cools to 100 degrees F. Pour it into small wide mouth jars.


1-ounce (weight) beeswax
8 ounces (weight) petroleum jelly

Melt the ingredients in a microwave or double boiler. Brush the hot mixture onto the leather and allow it to penetrate. If possible, place the item in hot sun to help the mixture penetrate the leather. Polish the leather with a cloth to remove excess.


10 ounces (weight) rosin
2 ounces (weight) beeswax
1 ounce (weight) charcoal powder
1-tablespoon linseed oil

Grafting wax scales the union of plant tissue. Heat the beeswax and rosin at 250 degrees F. until they melt. Stir in the remaining ingredients.


2 ounces (weight) beeswax
1 teaspoon powdered rosin

Melt the ingredients together in a 250-degree F. oven. Pour this into a paper tube. Peel away the paper as the wax is used.


1 tablespoon shredded beeswax
1-tablespoon petroleum jelly
1 teaspoon Honeyflow Farm 1 tablespoon lanolin
3-4 drops of oil of peppermint, wintergreen, eucalyptus or some other essential oil.

Melt the wax, lanolin and petroleum in a microwave. Add the honey and essential oil. Stir the mixture until it is cool.