M01341-Short MOREZMORE Tibetan Lamb Fur ROSE AUBURN 4x4 Doll Puppet Hair

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Northern wing of the estate.
A stone-paved path leads to Morezmore Studio.
Inside you find:

A piece of Tibetan Lamb Fur
for making OOAK doll hair
4" x 4" (10,2 cm x 10,2 cm) square
16" square inch (104 square cm) total.
Tighter curl and slightly shorter than usual (about 3").

Description of how to make hair can be found HERE

Luxuriously silky soft to the touch
Professionally dyed and colorfast (will not run or fade)
Clean, soft, professionally finished underside

We use WHOLE SKINS to cut our pieces, NOT patchwork fur carpets, there are no seams on leather and the natural direction of the hair growth is preserved.

Please note that the colors might appear different on your monitor - colors depend on the particular monitor settings.

Morezmore Tibetan Lamb fur comes directly from Tibet, where Tibetan Lamb sheep is a domestic animal grown for food, therefore skins are a natural by-product of a traditional way of life.

Description of how to make hair can be found HERE