M01561x6 MOREZMORE 6 Clear 6 oz Oval Plastic Containers Jar + Lid Ellipso

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Northern wing of the estate.
A stone-paved path leads to Morezmore Studio.

6 clear oval plastic container with lids
6 oz

Material Type:PP
Capacity:6.00 oz (177.44 ml)
Dimensions:3.75 X 2.675"

This containers are heavy duty, not like the ones you get at Costco and other discount stores or fast food places. They have much more rigid material for better performance.

Leak-proof. Patented lid system keeps the contents tightly sealed and fresh. The lids snaps on and off easily.

Handy to keep paints (other than genesis), powders, glues, liquid clays, oils, metal findings, beads and microbeads, glitter, little eyes, little feathers and all other miscellaneous liquids and tiny items.

Stackable when not in use (they fit one into another)

Flexible unbreakable plastic

Reusable. Diswasher, microwave and refrigerator safe.