M01824-Q MOREZMORE Doll Hair Mohair Weft SILVER GREY OMBRE LONG Golden Fleece Quarter 9.5"

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Northern wing of the estate.
A stone-paved path leads to Morezmore Studio.
Inside you find:

Natural Mohair Weft
for making doll hair (action figure, OOAK doll, reborn baby doll, Blythe, Barbie, Monster High, BJD, Minifee, Waldorf, Elf doll and any other doll/sculpture/puppet)
25 cm (9.5")

This premium quality mohair curly hair is ideal for creating wigs and rerooting for your action figures, Blythe, Monster High dolls, Waldorf, Barbie, BJDs, SDs, OOAK reborn, rag dolls or any custom art doll.
Super soft, lustrous natural Caucasian angora goat hair wefts are made by stitching hair with a neat thin seam, then they are saturated with a conditioning balm for a high lustre and pleasant smell.

The seam is treated with a special tool that does not allow the hair to crumble when combing, while maintaining the elasticity and flexibility of the seam. When gluing the seam, it is folded again and sewn, so that you do not see glue or a wide "skirt" on the tress, and many of the customers like it very much.

One Blythe doll needs 2 METERS of hair (78.74 INCHES), this will be enough with a margin.
The approximate weight of one meter is from 30 g to 45 g, depending on the hair length you choose.

HAIR LENGTH IS APPROXIMATELY 15-24 cm / 5.91-9.45 in, marked "Long" or "Short".
See the actual length of the particular weft on the photo with the ruler.
The photo shows the actual batch of hair, not stock photos.

Available in:
1 meter (39.4") - full length
25 cm (9.5") - one quarter
12 cm (4.5") - trial sample
When ordering, please select the desired color, fur length and weft length.


1 - Outside lighting
2 - Inside lighting
3 - Weft thickness

Description of how to make hair can be found HERE