M00064 MOREZMORE 2 Brass Round Telescopic Tube 5/32" 1/8" #8127 #8128 K&S

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Northern wing of the estate.
A stone-paved path leads to Morezmore Studio.
Inside you find:

a set of two telescopically-fitting
round brass tubes (2 tubes total)

The dolls in all the listings are for illustration purposes only and are NOT included.

The set offered in this listing is "LARGE"
one tube 5/32 inch (4,0 mm) + one tube 1/8 inch (3,17 mm) diameter.
2 tubes total, each 12" (30,5 cm) long
Wall: 0.014" (0,36 mm)

- Quality Brass tubing
- Bend to desired shape
- Cut to desired length
- Great for OOAK artist, scratch builders, modelers and other crafts.

The tubes can be used for making an armature for a standing OOAK doll, or make your doll hold something in the hand. Something like the photos below show.

A piece of the larger tube goes inside the sculpt, a piece of a smaller tube is anchored in the base, as described in detail here.