M00192 MOREZMORE Polyform Sculpey Bake Bond Bakeable PolymerClay Adhesive

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Northern wing of the estate.
A stone-paved path leads to Morezmore Studio.
Inside you find:

a bottle of Sculpey Bake and Bond

2 oz (59 ml)

A bakeable adhesive that forms an incredibly strong bond between two pieces of clay. May also be used to adhere clay to porous materials. Must be baked to adhere.

Sculpey Bake and Bond
Are you looking for the best glue for polymer clay?Sculpey Bake and Bond will deliver the strength and stick you need. This bakeable adhesive forms an incredibly strong bond between two pieces of polymer clay. Here'ss what'ss so special about it:
  • Bake and Bond will adhere raw clay to raw clay; raw clay to baked clay and baked clay to baked clay
  • It also can be used to adhere clay to porous materials
  • Polymer Clay pieces can be joined together with little pressure to prevent distortion of shapes and fine details
  • New! Twist cap for precise flow control!
  • 2 fl oz

How to Use Sculpey Bake and Bond

So how can you use this clay adhesive to make sure your pieces attach perfectly for finished projects that make you proud? It's simple. Join your pieces and adhere items by applying the polymer clay glue the areas you need to bind together. This can mean attaching joining joints or body parts in figurines, attaching sculptures to bases, clay additions to household objects and charms to keychains or magnets.
You can apply the glue to raw clay pieces and bake them together to secure the bond, or you can add it to already baked items to make sure they stick for the final outcome. Bake and Bond even works when attaching raw clay to baked clay It's that versatile and effective. And there'ss no need to apply too much pressure to the pieces to make sure they stay, potentially warping unbaked shapes or details. This glue is strong and will attach easily with just a little push. You can even use it to adhere clay to multimedia projects and porous surfaces.
Expand your crafting possibilities and discover your potential when you put Sculpey Bake and Bond to use. Try it today!