M00528 MOREZMORE Kemper Gold Pen SMALL Liquid Fluid Writer Gold Pen

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Northern wing of the estate.
A stone-paved path leads to Morezmore Studio.
Inside you find:

Kemper Gold Pen (GPL)
(also known as Fluid Writer, Pysanka, Pysanky, Liquid Metallics Pen)

Small (0.26 mm tip)

LIQUID METALLICS PEN by Kemper Tools is a precision writing instrument constructed entirely of metal, with no moving parts to wear out. Pen includes hardened stainless steel writing tip. Used with fired metallics, gold, platinum, lusters, china paints and china ink on china, ceramic ware and glass. Easy to clean and use. Comes complete with wire cleaning tool and instructions.

Kemper Gold Pens are designed specifically for the application of gold and other metallic paints. Fill up the well with your medium, and let our engineered design to its job of a NO DRIP OF SPILL application, putting that design only where you want it. This comfortable tool holds exactly like a pen, gliding smoothly over the surface.

Two sizes are available (small and large). This listing is for small 0.26 mm tip.

Both pens come with a stem cleaner for cleaning out the precision tip hole of the pen.