01. Hair: Tibetan Lamb Fur Natural Hair

Description of how to make hair can be found HERE

Premium - 4" x 4" good quality
Pelt - 4 pieces 4" x 4" good quality, connected as one square 8" x 8"
Short - 4" x 4" good quality, just shorter (some skins just have shorter fur)
Seconds - 4" x 4", might be frizzy or matted or thinner fur or too thick and crazy, or a tear or a seam on the skin - everything we feel needs to be discounted.
Remnants - smaller pieces left after cutting, the pack has 4 pieces of 2" x 2", irregular shape, total area of remnants is roughly equivalent to 4" x 4" if it were uncut.
Scrap - everything that is left on the table after all pieces large and small are taken out, offered in 6" bags.